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Operation Status: SafeWalk will NOT operate tonight

Find us from 10 pm – 2 am Sunday-Thursday at Davis Library, or call (919)-962-SAFE!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SafeWalk?

SafeWalk is a student-run, university-sponsored organization whose mission is to provide safe travel alternatives for UNC students at night. If requested, a pair of trained students employed by UNC – Police will walk with you to your desired destination.

Where is SafeWalk?

Students will be able to find a pair of SafeWalkers outside of Davis Library during our hours of operation by calling our office at (919)-962-SAFE or by scheduling a reservation!

Where Does SafeWalk Go?

SafeWalk serves both ON and OFF-campus locations. Our rough boundaries are Union Apartments to the north, and Baity Hill, to the south. If you are unsure whether your area is covered, email us at!

Is SafeWalk Free?

Yes! All UNC-affiliated persons may request a SafeWalk free of charge!

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