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Find us from 10:00pm to 2:00am Sunday-Thursday outside of Davis Library, or call (919)-962-SAFE (7233) to request a walk!.

Operation Status: SafeWalk will not operate tonight.

SafeWalk is NOW HIRING for Fall of 2020!


About SafeWalk

SafeWalk is a student-led organization that is part of the Office of Student Life and Leadership within Student Affairs created to increase nighttime safety for UNC students. We are also now partnered with Carolina Housing! The basics of SafeWalk is that pair of DPS-trained students will walk with you to your desired destination– either ON or OFF- campus, so that you don’t have to walk alone!

Which Locations does SafeWalk Serve?

SafeWalk serves all on-campus locations and all off-campus locations. Call us if you are unsure if your area is covered.


Does SafeWalk Cost Anything?

SafeWalk is FREE for all UNC-affiliated persons!