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SafeWalk’s History:

SafeWalk began as a project of UNC’s Undergraduate Student Government, in response to campus & community safety concerns. Our program aims to provide UNC affiliates with safe travel alternatives during nighttime hours.

Fall of 2009 – Spring of 2014

The initial planning for SafeWalk occurred through the Fall of 2009 with our first operational semester being the Spring of 2010. From this point to the Spring of 2014 SafeWalk operated under the Executive Branch of the Undergraduate Student Government.

Fall of 2014 – Fall of 2021

After the Spring of 2014 –to support the program’s growth– SafeWalk transitioned from the Undergraduate Student Government to operate under UNC’s Department of Student Affairs. During this time, the program began digitally tracking program data and implemented our current online reservation system!

Spring of 2022 – Present

SafeWalk currently operates under UNC-Police, though we continue to regularly collaborate with Student Affairs, Carolina Housing, and the Undergraduate Student Government. Our program continues to grow as we evaluate the needs of the campus community and serve all UNC affiliates both ON and OFF-campus!

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