SafeWalk is a late-night safety program run by students for all UNC-affiliated persons. SafeWalk provides students with a pair of DPS-trained student walkers to accompany them between any on-campus and off-campus locations.



Operating Hours

SafeWalk operates between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. (Sunday through Thursday).


Area of Service

SafeWalkers accompany students, faculty and staff between all on-campus and off-campus locations.


Requesting a SafeWalk

There are two ways a UNC-affiliated person can request a SafeWalk:

1) by phone at (919) 962-SAFE

2) approaching a SafeWalk team stationed outside Davis Library, the Undergraduate Library or in between walks at various other locations.


Service Goals and Management

SafeWalk does everything in our power to ensure wait times are no longer than 10 minutes. However, students are still encouraged to request their walks in advance.


SafeWalker Safety

SafeWalkers use their cell phones and stay in regular contact with a dispatcher in the Union. The Walkers are also equipped with bikes, reflective vests and flashlights.


The System

During normal operating hours, there is typically one dispatcher and two pairs of SafeWalkers on duty. The dispatcher relays calls to on-duty SafeWalkers and records the information from each walk. The dispatcher and SafeWalkers communicate using Push-to-Talk cell phones. On busier nights, such as during exams, SafeWalk may operate with an increased number of teams of SafeWalkers.



The SafeWalkers have all undergone training provided by the Department of Public Safety, Chapel Hill Police, Student Affairs, and Student Government. Training included crime awareness and prevention, standard operating procedures, bike safety, communication methods, Title IX, and a technology overview.