SafeWalk can be contacted by phone between the hours of 11:00PM and 3:00AM, Sundays through Thursdays. Call (919)962-SAFE to reach one of our dispatchers!

SafeWalk teams can also be found outside Davis and the Undergraduate Library during the hours listed above. If you cannot locate a team, call the SafeWalk number and our dispatcher will send a team to you.


SafeWalk Executive Board:

Matthew Shear serves as the Program Director of SafeWalk. He is in charge of the administrative side of SafeWalk (communicating with administrators, promoting SafeWalk to students, budgeting). Matt can be contacted at


Nicholas Lovely serves as SafeWalk’s Assistant Director of Operations. He handles the operational aspect of SafeWalk including hiring, employees, scheduling, and equipment. Nick can be contacted at


Victoria Collins serves as SafeWalk’s Assistant Director of Public Relations and Outreach. She creates all of our publicity materials, develops marketing plans, and controls SafeWalk social media.  Victoria is always looking for new events and places to advertise our program. Victoria can be contacted at


Joe Warn serves as SafeWalk’s Assistant Director of Finance. He creates and maintains the budget for SafeWalk throughout the year to ensure financial viability of the program. Joe can be contacted at